Not for the ladies

It always seems that at weddings the women always get the pleasure of noticeably being the most stylish. Well, this tip is not for the ladies, but for the gentlemen out there.  There is no need to stiff on style when it comes to getting dressed for a wedding or important event, a buttonhole is […]


An affair to remember..

Dear Eric, There was a wonderful wedding here in Holland, she was a beautiful bride with a radiant smile and he an equally handsome groom with a sharp sense of humor,  there was happiness and laughter all around. The ceremony was in Dutch and English, with delicious food and drink at the reception, and everyone […]


Bloom, cut, repeat

While working in the garden yesterday, I had to remove  some Angelica archangelica, a large hardy biennial  that can reach up to 8 feet ( 2.5 metres) tall in height. Its height, the thickness of its stems, and the blooms are all strong characteristics of this plant.  After removing a few flowering stems,  I took […]